20 August 2015

Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise (PBS)

GORONGOSA PARK Rebirth of Paradise premieres September 22 2015 on PBS. The series follows the incredible and inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Bob Poole, Emmy-winning wildlife cameraman and presenter. Produced by Off The Fence, the series is in six parts with music written and produced by William Goodchild.

Presenter and cameraman Bob Poole
Bob Poole spent two years living in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, Southern Africa, joining scientists and conservationists in the battle to re-wild this once-legendary national park.

For full details of the series including trailer, clips and stills, please visit the series' PBS website HERE.

India: Nature's Wonderland (BBC Two)

William Goodchild has just scored the Opening Titles to this two-part wildlife series, presented by Liz Bonnin, Freida Pinto and Jon Gupta. India: Nature's Wonderland forms part of a major new season of BBC programmes across television and radio dedicated to one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

The programmes transmit at 9 pm on Tuesdays 1st and 8th September, BBC 2.

For more details of the series, please click HERE.

19 August 2015

Return of the Giant Killers: Africa's Lion Kings (BBC Natural World)

'Astonishing and somewhat traumatic'. Ali Catterall, The Guardian (Wednesday's Best TV, 19th August 2015)

William Goodchild's latest score for BBC Natural World, Return of the Giant Killers: Africa's Lion Kings, airs for the first time on BBC2 at 9 pm on Wednesday 19th August, 2015.

In this follow up to Africa's Giant Killers, (winner, Best Natural History Programme, RTS Awards 2014), a pride of lions has rewritten the rule book, by learning how to take down elephants. As the large majority of elephants leave, a series of dramatic events take place. The males of the pride turn against each other, a mother places her new born cubs in mortal danger, the pride is challenged by a rival group and, when lightning strikes, fires break out. As things settle, the pride is left with only one choice for survival: to face their old foe, the elephants, or risk dying of starvation. What will be the outcome of this final showdown?

For more details including credits and to view clips, please see HERE.

Reviews, 20th August 2015
The Independent - 'A beautifully shot but brutal look at the circle of life.' Sally Newall
The Telegraph - 'This Gruelling documentary was a roaring success.' Michael Hogan
The Arts Desk - 'Dramatic music by William Goodchild underlined this narrative...' Marina Vaizey