7 January 2014

Ultimate Honey Badger (National Geographic)

Drop into the secret life of orphaned honey badger Badgie as she learns to face the wilds of South Africa's Tswalu Kalahari Reserve alone. Join her at ground level on mouse, snake and scorpion hunts, and watch her battle a porcupine for ownership of her burrow. Badgers are famous for being the most fearless animals in Africa. The aim of this film was to follow the steps it would take for this 10-week old orphan to become a fully-fledged, wild honey badger.

First transmission took place on Nat Geo Wild, January 2014. The documentary debut was a smash success and is the highest-rated Sunday night telecast in Nat Geo Wild's history.

Jess Reiss Producer and Director
Dave Birch Audio Manager
Earth Touch Production Company
William Goodchild Composer

The score includes performances by Bristol Ensemble string quintet recorded at Christchurch Studios, Clifton, and percussionist David Oliver. Photographs taken at the string recording session can be viewed HERE.

For further details about Ultimate Honey Badger including transmission listings, please click HERE.

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