24 January 2014

Get Rich or Die Mining (National Geographic)

If you have access to a Sky subscription then look out for Get Rich or Die Mining on National Geographic, Monday 27 January 2014 at 10 pm.

One-off special: adventure documentary. Gem hunter Guy Clutterbuck puts together an elite mining team and travels to Sri Lanka, where they hope to dig up, cut and sell enough rough sapphires to make a fortune. But they are a group of strangers risking their own time, money and reputations on their leader's promise of adventure and profit. They have only six days to complete their mission.

David Johnson, Director: 'At a viewing last week it was very interesting. We were in a bar and people started off chatting and drinking, but there came a point about seven minutes in where all conversation ceased and by the end of the show you could hear a pin drop - so worth sticking with.'

David Johnson Producer and Director
RDF Television Production Company
Nico Bee Editor
William Goodchild Composer, with assistance from Domenico Sigalas

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