23 September 2013

Concert November 2013

To celebrate the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth, pianist Nicholas McCarthy, who played at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games 2012, joins conductor William Goodchild and Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra for a performance of Diversions for piano left hand and orchestra, ingeniously written and in the form of a theme and eleven variations. The concert opens with Khachaturian's Adagio from the ballet Spartacus, instantly recognisable as the warmly romantic opening music from the TV series The Onedin Line. Mahler’s immense first symphony provides a suitably exciting climax to an evening of extraordinary auditory delights.

For full details including ticket prices and online booking, please click HERE

5 September 2013

Recording new work

Images from Monday's recording session at Christchurch Studios, Bristol.
Roger Huckle, Leader - Rachel Gough, violin - Carl Hill, viola - Robyn Austin, cello - Jub Davis, bass
all members of Bristol Ensemble

William Goodchild, composer

Roger Huckle, Leader

Rachel Gough, violin

Jub Davis, double bass

Carl Hill, viola

Robyn Austin

All photos by Rosa Fay Photography

18 June 2013

Conducting Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra

Conducting Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra with soloist Romain Lapeyre at St George's Bristol on Saturday 8th June. Full details of the concert can be found HERE. Photographs by Rachel Goodchild.

7 June 2013

Concert June 2013

Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra
William Goodchild, conductor
Romain Lapeyre, cello
with kind sponsorship by Ovation Finance Ltd

'Played superbly with lyrical fervour and a certain refinement and crispness in the ensemble's performance.' John Packwood, Bristol Evening Post, March 2013

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17 May 2013

Leopards: 21st Century Cats (BBC)

Is it possible for leopards and people to live alongside one another?

Set in India, this BBC Natural World Special explores the relationship between these powerful predators and humans. Built for strength rather than speed, leopards hunt in the shadows and ambush their prey. However, in a shrinking world, leopards' lives are increasingly colliding with humans: attacks are regularly reported and many of the cats are trapped, stoned or shot. What is it like to live with leopards in your back yard and what does the future hold for these majestic cats?

Series Producer - Roger Webb
Executive Producer - Chris Cole
Director - Steve Gooder
Editor - Rupert Troskie
Original Music - William Goodchild

To watch a clip from the film, please click HERE.

25 February 2013

Royal Television Society Awards

Jungle Gremlins of Java has won the Award for Best Natural History Programme at this year's Royal Television Society Awards, West of England.

The programme was produced by Icon Films for BBC Natural World. It was directed by Steve Gooder and edited by Rupert Troskie with music by William Goodchild. The programme's presenter was Dr Anna Nekaris.

For full details of the programme, please see HERE.

22 February 2013

Wild Arabia (BBC2)

Music composed by Barnaby Taylor
Orchestrated and conducted by William Goodchild
Performed by BBC Concert Orchestra
with Paul Clarvis / Dan Brown - Percussion, Kit Morgan - Oud, Dirk Campbell - Duduk, Ney, Kaval

Orchestral recording sessions took place at Abbey Road Studios on Tuesday 20 November 2012.
Here are some images from the sessions:

"Trombones too loud!"

Running a cue


Chief Engineer, Andrew Dudman

Barnaby and I relaxing after a productive day

It's all in the bag. Time for a pint.
All photos by Series Producer and Director, Chadden Hunter

To find out more about the series including clips, gallery and Exploring Arabia - an audio slideshow, please click HERE

March 2013 Concert

Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra
William Goodchild, conductor
Emil Huckle-Kleve, violin
with kind sponsorship from Ovation Finance

'Exquisite and electrifying performances.'  John Packwood, Bristol Evening Post, March 2012

For full concert details including online ticket booking, please click HERE

14 January 2013

University of Bristol MA-CFTV 2013

William Goodchild, Senior Associate Teacher, working with University of Bristol MA students on their final assignment for the MA in Composition for Film and Television. Each of the sixteen students composed music for a short film sequence taken from Wild Amazon - a wildlife series recently broadcast on National Geographic and Animal Planet and scored by William Goodchild. The Bristol Ensemble string quintet led by Roger Huckle performed for the recordings. Sessions took place over two days in the University of Bristol Victoria Rooms, and the music was recorded by Jonathan Scott.

Photographs by Rosa Fay Photography

7 January 2013

Face The Music

Article called Face The Music from this month's edition of The Bristol Magazine
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