22 April 2012

The Washington Ballet

Andile Ndlovu by Steve Vaccariello in TWB Dancers 10.11 Season

The Washington Ballet will be using music from William Goodchild's score to Jungle Gremlins of Java (BBC) for a forthcoming new dance production by international ballet dancer and choreographer, Andile Ndlovu.

'As a young dancer and choreographer, Andile Ndlovu has come from very humble beginnings in South Africa to his current role as company dancer with The Washington Ballet. He is noted as an artist of extraordinary ability. His virtuosic dancing has won him awards and international recognition. He is truly a young dance star on the rise and is starting to see his real future in choreography.' Arthur Espinoza, Director of Artistic Operations, The Washington Ballet

21 April 2012


William has been pitching for a major BBC1 NHU series due for release in autumn 2013. One aspect of the pitch involved re-scoring with music and sound design a short animated sequence created for the launch of the 2011 VW Beetle. Here is the result.

20 April 2012

Press Release - Choral Commission

PRESS RELEASE, 13 June 2012
Composer William Goodchild has written an anthem for Redland High School 
to commemorate the School’s 130th Anniversary.

The work is entitled Ye of Day (pronounced ‘Eye of Day’) and is to be sung by Redland High’s Chamber Choir, conducted by the school’s Director of Music, Steven Daykin. For the anthem, William Goodchild has composed music to words by Chaucer from his The Legend of Good Women.

William Goodchild said, “It was a great honour to be invited by Redland High to compose an anthem for the school’s 130th anniversary celebrations. The first thing was to find a suitable text - something that had a strong link with the school, that could readily be set to music, and was perhaps a little out of the ordinary. Headmistress Caroline Bateson kindly pointed me towards Chaucer’s The Legend of Good Women from which is taken the school’s motto, ‘For fere of night, so hateth she derknesse!’. The text is inspirational - the words focus on the writer’s passion for the daisy (incidentally, the school emblem) or ‘days-eye’ which opens to light and closes to darkness: a strong and simple metaphor for learning. The words, sung in the original Middle English, I set to music written for young female voices in four parts accompanied by organ. The broad, resonant acoustic of Bristol Cathedral was always at the front of my mind whilst composing.”

Redland High School’s Chamber Choir comprises experienced singers between the ages of 13 and 18. The choir has had an extremely busy year including competing in the finals of a national choir competition at the London Barbican and performing at Colston Hall Bristol. 

Steven Daykin, Director of Music, said, “ The girls have risen to the challenge of performing this piece and have spent hours rehearsing after school and in their breaks. It is an honour to give the premiere of a work by such an esteemed composer and the girls and I are very much looking forward to performing it in the grand acoustics of Bristol Cathedral”.

The performance of Ye of Day is at 2pm on Friday 29 June 2012 at Bristol Cathedral. 

End of press release
For more information or to arrange for photographs or interviews, 
please contact Sharon Benton on 0117 916 6706 or 07739 179237. 
Alternatively you can email s.benton@redlandhigh.com

Choral Commission

Redland High School has commissioned William Goodchild to compose an anthem to celebrate the school's 130th Anniversary. The work, entitled Ye of Day, sets words from Chaucer's The Legend of Good Women for female chorus (SSAA) and organ. The piece will receive its first performance at the 2012 Commemoration Service in Bristol Cathedral at 2 pm on Friday 29 June 2012.