12 October 2011

Wild Amazon

Wild Amazon is a new two-part wildlife series directed and produced by Mitch Turnbull for Parthenon Entertainment in Bristol. The series, broadcast by National Geographic International, will be shown on the National Geographic Channel from Friday 28 October 2011 at 8:00 pm. William Goodchild composed and produced the music, co-writing this project with composer and guitarist Nick Pullin.

The series takes the viewer on a journey deep into the heart of the Amazon. Home to the largest rainforest and mightiest river on earth, the Amazon is dense with a huge array of animal and plant species, from the elusive jaguar to leaf-cutter ants. Using stunning photography, Wild Amazon showcases this extraordinary wilderness and the people with whom they share their home. The programme also investigates the environmental threats faced by the Amazon and the tests being carried out by scientists looking to understand the complex interrelationships between animals, plants and habitat.

Episode Guide
Wild Amazon: Cradle of Life explores the wildlife of the Amazon basin including flowers that trap beetles to change sex overnight. The threat of human activity in the region is also covered in this episode.

Wild Amazon: Savage Realm explores strategies for survival from the canopy to the forest floor, including a tiny frog which protects a tarantula.

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