24 August 2011

Riot Raffle

Riot Raffle was set up by Zoe Grant to help raise funds for small independent shops that were effected by the recent London riots. Over 80 independent companies have come on board and donated their products to Riot Raffle. Please help to raise money today by buying a £1 raffle ticket. A click on the link below will take you to the right place!

Click HERE to buy your raffle ticket
I will be contributing two items for the raffle: a DVD entitled Lobo - the Wolf that Changed America, which is a BBC Natural World production narrated by Sir David Attenborough for which I wrote and produced the music; and, a book entitled Wild Animals I have Known by Ernest Thompson Seaton. The film is based on one of the stories, Lobo, from the book. The film scooped two major awards: the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2009, and the 'Jury's Special Prize' at the Wildscreen International Film Festival 2008. Set in the wild west, Lobo is a highly emotional true story of an epic dual between man and beast. The events of the story led to a pivotal moment in American history with far-reaching consequences.

For information on 1) how Riot Raffle works, please click HERE, and 2) Retail Trust, the charity, please click HERE. You can see this prize on the Riot Raffle site HERE.

Music for the score features performances by John Hoare (trumpet and flugelhorn), Dan Brown (guitar and bass) and Stew Jackson (banjo, guitar and pedal steel guitar). You can listen to some of the pieces from the BBC documentary on my website HERE