5 February 2011

BBC Natural World - Chimps of the Lost Gorge

Brutus and his family live in a deep and ancient forested gorge that cuts through the grass plains of Uganda's rift valley - it seems like jungle heaven, but they're trapped! Cut off by deforestation they're learning to adapt to the alien savannah, but fate keeps turning against them. Can they make a future here or are their days numbered? As the rainforest fragments all over Africa, chimpanzees everywhere will soon face the same sentence. Forest corridors must be opened, but it's an almighty task!

This 60 minute wildlife documentary was produced by Verity White, edited by James Taggart with music composed and produced by William Goodchild. The score features performances by percussionists Chas Whitaker and Tim Garside. Series Producer for BBC Natural World is Steve Greenwood, and Series Editor is Tim Martin.

Full details of the show including clips and stills can be found here.

Chimps of the Lost Gorge Broadcasts BBC2 on 8 February at 7pm