15 September 2014

The Man Who Turned Into a Sofa (BBC Radio 4)

Who needs a Freudian couch when you have the most comfortable sofa in the world?

William Goodchild's latest score is for a BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama about a depressed man and the sofa that sorted him out. The Man Who Turned Into a Sofa is a true story of illness overcome, written and performed by Andrew Fusek Peters, Polly Peters and Rosalind Jana Peters, with the voice of Lorcan Crannitch as the sofa. The producer is Tim Dee.

Airs on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15 pm, Wednesday 17th September.

For further details, credits and related links, please click HERE.

Information about the music can be found HERE.

7 August 2014

BBC Radio 4 Drama: Recording Session

William Goodchild is writing, performing and producing music for a BBC Radio 4 drama. The play, on the subject of depression, is called The Man Who Turned into a Sofa and was written and is performed by Polly Peters, Andrew Fusek Peters and Rosalind Jana Peters. The voice of the sofa is Lorcan Cranitch. The play's Director is Tim Dee.

William performed and recorded the score at Christchurch Studios, Bristol on 6th August 2014. The sole instrument for the score is an upright piano. William wrote a number of pieces or cues for the instrument, but also uses it as a sound design source, creating a large palette of different sounds using a variety of playing techniques inside the instrument.

The Man Who Turned into a Sofa airs on BBC Radio 4, Wednesday 17 September at 2.15 pm 

Here are some images from the recording session:

Discussing the score with Director, Tim Dee
Playing a cue through

Playing inside the instrument with a soft timpani stick

Trying chordal swishes inside the instrument, with engineer Ian Humphries
All photos by Rosa Fay Photography

Beavers Behaving Badly (BBC Natural World)

William Goodchild's latest score for BBC Natural World is for its most recent production, Beavers Behaving Badly, which was filmed, written and directed by David Johnson.

The programme had its first airing on Thursday 31st July at 8 pm on BBC Two.

Full details about the programme can be found HERE.

5 August 2014

Conductor Portraits

William Goodchild by photographer Remco Merbis

Photographer Remco Merbis has recently undertaken a portrait session with William Goodchild at St George's Bristol, where William regularly performs with Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra.

To see all five shots from the session, please visit Remco's Blog by clicking HERE.

1 May 2014

Concert July 2014

This concert takes place at 7:30 pm on Saturday 5 July at St. George's Bristol and features the premiere of a new work, Suite for Cello and Orchestra, composed especially for Kwesi Edman and Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra by William Goodchild.

William Goodchild conductor
Kwesi Edman cello

Mendelssohn Overture Athalie
Saint-SaĆ«ns Cello Concerto no. 1 in A minor
Goodchild Suite for Cello and Orchestra
Brahms Symphony no. 3 in F

Ticket prices £14(£12), £10(£8), £8(£6)

To book tickets, please click HERE

8 April 2014

Africa's Giant Killers (BBC Natural World)

Africa's Giant Killers, produced by Icon Films for BBC Natural World has its first screening on BBC Two at 9 pm on Friday 11 April. The film was directed by Rob Sullivan with music composed and produced by William Goodchild.

Africa's largest herd of elephants faces a fearless pride of lions in a fight for survival. Full details about the programme can be found HERE.